Personal introspection at life

How different was the epic year 2020, globally and personally?

And a brand-new year is back again, with the promise of a much-anticipated COVID vaccine and the fear of a ...
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About friends

Friends are the flexible family you choose…

“Friends are the family you choose” – one of the most popular quotes on friendship by far. Also, being a ...
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Italian Lasagne with balsamic onions

Italian Lasagne with Roasted Balsamic Onions

A dish calls itself accomplished when it satisfies your appetite, pleasures your heart and quenches your soul. It is a ...
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parent child hugging

Why does a parent-child hug come with an expiry date?

One of these days on a damp rainy morning, I was just lying on the bed in a dazed slumber ...
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No one is less in an equal relationship

LOVE AMONG EQUALS – No one is less in an equal relationship

We as a society have long been discussing gender equalities in our homes and work places. And it is indeed ...
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